Eight things to Help your Grandchildren Live a Christ Centered Life


Let your grandchildren know: 

1. They don't have let peer pressure determine who they are and how they live their life.

2. They can make decisions based on their beliefs and Christian upbringing.

3. Through their actions show others around them that Christ lives in them.

4. They need to be responsible for what they do and don't blame anything on others.

5. As grandparents we pray for them daily for God to keep safe and away from harm.

6. As grandparents we show them through the way we live our life in Christ and how to handle the day to day problems that pose a challenge to our beliefs.

7. Always honor your Mother and Father and seek their advice.

8. Finally, as grandparents we need to always be there for them and  always show your love for them.

Contributor, Jerry Dove