The Minor Prophets - Part 2

Hosea: The Prophet of the Broken Heart

He shows that sin not only breaks God’s law, but also breaks His Heart. Hosea is “Salvation”. Heb. for Joshua – Jesus.

He is the only prophet that lived in the northern kingdom of Israel. He lived during the reign of Jereboam II, who ruled for 40 years. It was a time of military success, but moral failure. The boundaries of Israel were extended. Surrounding nations were fighting each other. Relative peace. With the extended borders came more economic prosperity. This time of peace and prosperity was believed to be a sign of God’s favor. 

Hosea prophesied during the decline and ultimate destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel in the 8th century. This was when Rome was founded.

After the death of Jereboam II, it was anarchy or misrule; kings made their way to the throne through the murder of their predecessors: 

  • Shallum killed Zechariah;
  • Menahem killed Shallum;
  • Pekah killed the son of Menahem;
  • Hoshea killed Pekah.

But, after the death of Jereboam II, two of his successors were assassinated, and Assyria would invade and take them into captivity. Hosea warned of the coming captivity even at a time of prosperity. He lived to see prophecy fulfilled as Israel was carried into captivity by Assyria. Hosea’s message begins with a symbolic marriage.


Since the people had refused to hear the words of God,

Hosea was commanded to preach an “action sermon” to show them how they had treated God.

Contributed By Pastor Travis Bridgeman