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The purpose of our church is to EXALT the Lord Jesus Christ, Evangelize the lost, and EDIFY the saints.


We are a Distinctive Southern Baptist Church, with emphasis on teaching and preaching the Word of God (KJV). We are a Traditional church for Non-Traditional times that has faithfully served in our community for over 100 years.


We offer ministries for Seniors, Family, College and Career, Teens, and Youth. Basically, we offer something for everyone. 


We just celebrated our 100 year anniversary. Yes, we have been ministering to Cummning, Georgia for over 100 years!


You may not know it, but the church also had a school back in the early 1900's and when the New Holland School over in Gainesville, Georgia burned down they bussed their students to the Antioch School. During that time, a revival broke out and several got saved and several were baptized.


Since its very beginning it has had a heart for sharing the Gospel, helping others out, and youth. Not much has changed. Antioch is still the old fashioned church it has always been. It is known for its well prepared sermons, hard preaching, hymnal singing, Southern Gospel singings, youth programs, and fellowship for all ages.  


Today, it is highly involved with a several outreach ministries, senior functions and fellowship, youth, and preserving Southern Gospel Music. 

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